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Training - Tailor made for your business Barrington e2e
Types of programs
Employing both branches of the business, Barrington Counselling and Barrington e2e can also provide a range of on-site and off-site training programs through its Employee Assistance Program. The programs are aimed at promoting a healthy work environment for everyone. These include:

• Health and stress management
• Team effectiveness
• Communication skills and interpersonal
• Enhancing work performance
• Conflict resolution
• Managing change
• Performance appraisals
• Interview Skills Training
• Managing Difficult People and Situations
• Anger Management
• Assertiveness
• Bullying and Wellness Programs
• Coaching for Non Performance
• Counselling Skills
• Understanding Mental Health Issues
• Working through Grief
• Health education sessions on issues such
as alcohol and drug abuse, sleeping
problems, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Barrington e2e and Barrington Counselling are also available to consult on target areas such as:
• Developing and implementing policies in the
• Change management
• Embracing the ‘challenge’ of change within
the Company
Types of programs
Training - Types of programs
Training - What makes us different?
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