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Barrington e2e provides services to business and to individuals. Our Organisational Service portfolio focuses on a range of reactive and proactive outcomes. We are often asked to facilitate a Workplace Mediation to assist parties to rebuild their workplace relationships. Workplace facilitation gives different departments or units opportunities to contribute to resolving staff challenges. This improves productivity and overall effectiveness of team functioning.

We offer strategic organisational interventions for change management processes in people’s work or personal lives. This can range from restructuring in business to physical relocation to major changes in a person’s life impacting on their work capability.

The training programs for business aims to promote a healthy and productive work environment for everyone.

Barrington e2e advise and consult on wider issues that are relevant to almost all organisations in any industry. These include the development and implementation of drug and alcohol policies in the workplace and dealing with sensitive and subjective issues such as harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace.

We work in partnership with businesses to provide Emotional Coaching. Our philosophy is to provide specific skill development to Board Members, Senior Managers and Supervisors to build smart businesses.

Due to the diversity of organisational cultures Barrington e2e deals with cross cultural issues, surveys , needs analysis and occupational health issues, particularly risk assessment.

Barrington e2e provides services to business and to individuals.
Barrington Counselling Employee Assistance Programs are not ‘black hole’ programs. The businesses we partner identify EAP’s as transition catalysts, to work with staff members to create innovative strategies that improve the individual’s performance and the business.
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